CFD Support


CFD Support

Our CFD support team work to provide support to customers wanting to do CFD inhouse.  We take the same CFD process used by our consultancy team and provide you with all the tools to run CFD yourself.

Unlike CFD software providers, our toolset was developed to meet the requirements of our CFD consultancy. This means that the toolset is designed to be efficient, robust, accurate and affordable. We use a combination of open source and in-house codes, which means our support customers have no annual licencing costs.  There is no increase in software costs for running large models or on bigger computers.

The toolset and methods we provide you with have been proven by various customers big and small.  Our support customers include large multinational OEMS and small SMEs, who have one common goal of looking to solve complex fluid problems, accurately and affordably.


All the experience of TotalSim

to maximise efficiency and productivity.

By tapping into TotalSim’s experience, your process will develop faster and more efficiently than going it alone.  Why struggle to create baseline models or methods when we can help you run accurate and robust simulations in a shorter time period.

We typically work with support customer via a support contract that includes:

Access to our a full range of tools and codes used within the consultancy business.

Help with establishing your own methods and processes.

Phone and email support for enquiries.

Training and best practice guidance.

Not quite ready to do your own simulations?

Why not start with a consultancy project to see if CFD is the right tool for your business.  We can then transfer the same tools and methods inhouse via a support contract, once you have confirmed CFD is useful to your business.

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