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Flexible and Adaptable

TotalSim CFD’s consultancy team are here to help you solve your fluid flow problems, whatever they may be.  Our unparalleled experience will help deliver result quickly and affordably.

We have a flexible approach to problem solving and we can work with you to meet your requirements.  We can develop your products or just deliver results and allow you to make the engineering decisions, the decision is yours.

Our team of consultants and developers are here to push the boundaries of CFD and provide accurate predictions of real world problems.

Our customers vary from SMEs through to large multinational OEMs.  We work with our customers to provide solutions and add value in an effective manner.

We use mainly open source and in-house codes, developed over the last two decades.  This allows us to minimise our costs to you, as we do not have large commercial software fees.  Our methods have been tested and verified across a large number of different cases. We are continually developing our processes to ensure we deliver the most accurate results possible to our customers.

Some of our consultancy customers naturally transition to becoming CFD Support Customers.  If you want to take CFD in-house, then we can also help transition our methods to you.

Think you might have a fluid problem that we may be able to help with? 

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CFD solutions for the real world.

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